Puzzlecraft compile quality crosswords and puzzles for the print and online media.  With over 30 year’s experience, we have established a reputation for accuracy and reliability, whilst our flexible service means we can always meet the requirements of your publication.


  We can provide a full range of word/number games and crosswords for both online and print forms of any publication.  Each puzzle is made to order specifically for you, enabling us to make bespoke, themed puzzles to entertain your readers.

In addition we offer a service of fully designed puzzle pages, ready to drop straight into your magazine.


  We are a family concern, founded over 30 years ago by the late renowned compiler Richard Whitelegg who rose to prominence in his field compiling the notoriously difficult ‘Mephisto’ crosswords for the Sunday Times.  Under the pseudonyms ‘Albipedius’, ‘Lucifer’ and ‘Beelzebub’ he compiled regularly for the Independent, as well as a host of other publications.

His son Peter Whitelegg who, after studying at Stirling University joined his father compiling crosswords and expanded the business making word and number games to tackle readers all over the world.